BITCOIN BOTTOM REACHED!!? Herfindal Index, Defi Insurance Opyn- Programmer explains

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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. I lost everything when my Exodus was hacked I am old I feel like I will have a stroke a thief took everything

    that it took me a lifetime to save. I can't even tell my wife this would kill her. we are ruined. Does anyone know how

    to catch the crook from the hashes??? Please help if you can and be careful I don't want to see anyone else

    to go through what I am right now. Also, I am a USA army gold star surviving father, I have all the information

    even about my daughter a USA Army firefighter killed in the line of duty. You can search Rachel L Hale obituaries for my daughter. If you can help I can send you the hash trails.

  2. nice video, but The recent downtrend experienced in Cryptocurrency market including the leading asset Bitcoin has given a lot of traders doubt and less confident if to sell or hold their asset, well i do not kick against holding but in my opinion backed with experience, what we need now is a strategy and accurate signal to build a very strong portfolio with the little you hold now. Quite a number of crypto traders including newbies may be scared about trading due to this pullback in the market which i see as lack of experience and research about what strategy and signals to trade with. Due to my detailed research, i was able to know about Mr Steven Curtis's strategy (price action) and daily signals which is so accurate and profitable to me ever since the last bear market, during my first month i was able to increase and grow my 1.2btc to a total of 6.9btc with his signals. However, i still see this period as a very good buy zone as to get it cheap and trade with such a profitable signals. Steven can be reach on Whatspp: +13617177129 and Telegram @ steve_signals247 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  3. Corona virus was MADE IN CHINA that means it is shit, the only on who is going to win and the end is china, it is going to faulty and it is going to fall apart very soon. influenza kills 1% of the infected people, coronavirus kill 3% of the people infected with it. dont buy that fake news, corona virus is not goint to kill u dont be stupid.

  4. During hard times like this people tend to wake up and move toward precious metals and crypto. This next recession is probably going to get pretty severe so we can expect something of a backlash, much like the occupy wallstreet movement they had going a few years ago.

  5. I like your predictions
    Make me dream
    Unfortunately the reality is different
    This market is in the hands of whales margin trading and futures
    New investors don't buy with this volatility
    As things are it is impossible to climb
    Next year nobody sees your videos

  6. Blown away by the speed of DeFi innovation. Ethereum would be going through the roof right now if more people understood what's going on

  7. Ivan, how about building your website on a Blockchain (decentralized internet) unstoppable domains (.crypto or .zil domain) may be one choice? They make it real easy to except Crypto and no one can change, sensor or remove your content.

  8. I learned that a developer sitting at home in his underwear, eating chicken in his living room cannot easily audit a smart contract

  9. No BTC is correlated with the equity market, the bottom is defined by the equity market, which is furthermore linked to the virus now 🙂

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