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  1. This is kinda exactly what I’m planning to do
    Im in the same Situation i own a good drone but the camera is wifi operating( super bad range)
    That’s a lot for this helpful video

  2. Hi, I would be greateful if you could reply. I just bought the visuo xs812 and looking to upgrade the camera. Options as I understand it are 1.the fpv camera on your video or external attached one like firefly. My question is what is the specs (resolution, fps etc) of your camera and whether it is considerably better than the visuo one, also how do you control the drone with that camera? Does it come with its own remote control? And can you use the remote to view what the drones sees and take photos/videos? Any side effects of this upgrade eg battery drains much faster or drone more difficult to fly? Shall I buy this specific camera on your vlog or I can find any on ebay that is similar with 3 pins etc? How this camera compares with firefly? I like how the visuo flies but again as I'm new I'm open to reconsider for a better foldable one of a similar price if I have to I can return the visuo and get one similarly easy to fly but with decent camera so i can avoid camera upgrades. Thank you so much in advance. Looking forward to your answer.

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