Pokemon Go Battery Test: iPhone 6S Plus v Galaxy S7 Edge v HTC 10 v LG G5 v Nexus 6P v OnePlus 3

Pokemon Go Battery Test: iPhone 6S Plus v Galaxy S7 Edge v HTC 10 v LG G5 v Nexus 6P v OnePlus 3

Chances are when going outside you’ll bump into someone playing Pokemon Go or bump into someone while perfecting your pokeball throw. The main issue …


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  1. I have an s7 edge, about 2 years old now, and the battery is failing. Im no longer getting these numbers. I'm going to try to replace it soon though.

  2. Edge is far better because it's running that 1440p display and that stupid touchwiz. If edge has that iPhone display and lightweight ios just imagine the battery life. 😂

  3. I knew the s7 would survive 3600 is a lot But my phone still charges faster it takes 50 min for my phone to reach 100 percent.. ZTE maven BTW I'm getting a new phone maybe soon..

  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 With A Zero Lemon 10,000 Mah Battery Case.. With The Normal 3220 Mah Battery I Get Approximately 5Hrs Gameplay Then The Phone Dies. With The Zero Lemon Case I Get Enough To Play 2 Days Of 5Hrs Each. Including Other Stuff -> Netflix, YouTube, Other Games & Web browsing Around 3days.. But With The Zero Lemon When The Battery Is At 1% It'll Last Around 1&Half Hours + lol.. It's A BEAST!!!!!

    Next Phone, Maybe A Note 8, S8 Edge Or Plus If They Release A Plus Version Then Definitely!!!!!

  5. I have the Nexus 6P and it's terrible for battery life with Pokemon Go. Not only does it not last long but I've had the phone shut off anywhere from 15-45% battery life. The phone itself is great but the battery life is appalling.

  6. Any chance you could redo this test with the S7 edge, Iphone 7 plus, Huawei P9 Plus, HTC 10, Google Pixel etc… Would love to see an updated version of this test as its really helpful

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