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  1. Honestly, I want more factions than only 4. I want Arabs, Romans, Spartans yeah like the story is so short I with there was more factions

  2. I can not change the language to russian from options can u pls fix that it's important to me the sound too.
    Btw can u crate a system after all so we can destroy the items we have and not need dismantle one by one it's takes so much time.
    Thx waiting for ur support I'm rdy to buy marching fire after those easy fixes please.
    For ps4

  3. Me: Why does everything have to be always online even the single player campaign, I get kicked of the game in the middle of matches because “ the Ubisoft servers are down” .

    Ubisoft reason: It has to be always online because it has features that are in the multiplayer and we don’t want players downloading mods that give them an advantage in the campaign so let’s make it always online, it’s not like players are going to be kicked out of the middle of a match and a Mission in the campaign.

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