What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever!

Reviewing every Google phone ever made! 0:00 What is a Google Phone? 1:06 The G1/Dream 3:30 Nexus One 5:35 Nexus S 7:00 Galaxy Nexus 8:40 Nexus 4 …


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  1. Shout to HTC. Look back at their flagship line up. People forget how important HTC has been to current smartphones. A lot of what you see today, HTC tried first. Not always great attempts but definitely a company that had flagships which made a huge impact on the industry.

  2. The Nexus 4 is still my favorite phone of all time. Not the best, fastest, or greatest, but definitely my favorite. When the Nexus line died, and Google shifted to the Pixel line, I transitioned over to OnePlus. For a long time they felt like the natural successor to the Nexus line. I skipped over every early Pixel phone and remained loyal to OnePlus until they started to move away from the enthusiast, budget friendly high end device. Im on the Pixel 5 now, and soon Pixel 6 Pro.

  3. Why didn't Google acquire OnePlus and go from there?
    One on the OnePlus evolution would be nice. Why is OnePlus, one of the most exciting brands of the last years, has now become so underwhelming?

  4. Pixels are not available in Sweden. I hope Google will understand the market potential here and launches pixels. I can still buy it from France but what if I need support and then I need to go to France to repair it? not a good idea!

  5. man, so much nostalgia in this video. i remember wanting a G1 so so bad and some girl in my class freshman year had one. i remember being so excited for ice cream sandwich and holo design and i wanted a nexus 4! loved the pattern on the back. i don't think i've ever ended up with a google phone, actually. mostly was LG with a couple samsung sprinkled in and now a few oneplus

  6. I had a Motorola Nexus 6. Fantastic phone. Kept it all the way up until the S8+ launched and the battery was dying. Now I've got an s21, but my next phone will certainly be a pixel.

  7. Pixel 1 was a phone I kept until it was truly old (3 years) and I replaced it with a 4a. I just hope they keep making phones like this because otherwise I'm jumping ship.

  8. The Nexus 4 was my first Google phone. It was great. Sides were grippy, glass back and wireless charging! The glass back pattern was probably the best I have seen in any glass phone. Also had a nexus 6p and it's camera was awesome.

  9. Oh man, the memories. I remember I wanted the Nexus 4 so much, that I had to find a way to ship it from Germany, since I couldn't order it directly from Bulgaria. By far my favourite phone ever!!! And what a bargain it seemed back then in terms of the Price – quality ratio!

  10. I’m a long time android user who switched to iPhone because Google is trying to be Apple. Since Version 9.0 android turned into a cheap iOS copy and iOS 15 is great because of all the copied features. Great video, could you give us a MacBook history lesson some day?

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