Bitcoin Price vs Inflation (Is Bitcoin a Hedge?)

Bitcoin Price vs Inflation (Is Bitcoin a Hedge?)

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  1. I've heard the current metrics used calculate the CPI do not include the prices of food and energy. It's my understanding the formula used to calculate the CPI has been changed multiple times over the years since to 80's, for whatever reason. Either I am missing something or you are so I thought it was important to bring this up.

  2. I've read that Walmart's, DMC, and other big companies are investing heavily into the cryptocurrency market. Thus bringing about a lot of fluctuations in the market, I've even heard that the United States is even contemplating getting into the cryptocurrency market. If that happens I feel it would make a market that is to be decentralized into a centralized market,and if that happens it will undermine the purpose of the cryptocurrency market. Just like you said Ms.Casey the cryptocurrency market I love will fall to the same pitfalls as the fiat market, and I hope that never happens. I've enjoyed prosperity with the market being the way it is insulated against inflation, if they change the format of the market it will become a slave to inflation.

  3. i really love your content casey. will always check it out. but pls: if you show the VPN comparison charts, check if its true or not. cause this chart was outdated, or even faked.

  4. The statement of inflation and crypto is BS. Guaranteed, when crypto is a mainstream currency and tied into the real world global economy and especially the global supply chain we are going to see inflation with crypto. Right crypto is enjoying the benefits of not participating in the global economy.

  5. So, in other words, Bitcoin is now spoiled and I might as well have stayed in the stock market for 401K. I've never been interested in financial gambling and not going to become so now. I figured people would f up the opportunity Bitcoin provided and it's clear that's happening. This species deserves all the suffering coming to it.

  6. i cant believe i have only recently found your channel. Your videos are highly informative. Far superior than any other crypto channel. Love the techno outro

  7. Good point!!! Starting early and prioritizing your investment is the best way of getting ahead to financial freedom. I’m 33 and my goal is to hit a million before eoy so I can retire 2022. Currently averaging over 20% monthly on my stock portfolio so I know I will get there. Time in the market beats anything else

  8. I suppose we deserve it. We were all hoping and praying for institutional adoption with the foolish notion that they'd simply hodl like us regular folks… and now I have to get an f'ing economics degree to combat their shenanigans haha

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