CAUTION: Bitcoin History REPEATING for a 4th Time!? 44.6% Crypto Crash

CAUTION: Bitcoin History REPEATING for a 4th Time!? 44.6% Crypto Crash

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About the Author: Jason Pizzino


  1. I've noticed on ftx their is more volumn on etherum than btc. Wonder if this has something to do with eth 2.0?

    Wonder if eth 2.0 could cause a lil crypto pump?

  2. I noticed a lot of difference in the Volume between BTC/USD and BTC/USDT. Jason, which one should we be watching when deciding is a trade has enough Volume to trade.
    Thank you always for your content. We are so lucky to have you teach us. Ciao for now, e buona vacanza !

  3. Patterns do repeat… Thanks for being suspicious! Even if we are barking up the wrong tree on this whole thing it is definitely worth the mental exercise to make people think "what if" and to be cautious! Great work as always enjoy Florence.

  4. Hard times all around the Crypto market especially with the collapse of BTC, yet I still have 100% income in my investment with a platform in town

  5. With Bitcoin Being around the low 20 thousands and nobody buying, trying to find the bottom, they will be kicking themselves when we go back up to 30 and 40 thousand.

  6. Once everybody starts talking about a specific stock and it's all over the news….the best time to have already invested in the company has already passed avoid hype you don't want to be paying more for stock than what its worth

  7. I agree with you for me the best indicator is daily buying volume which isnt exactly amazing at this moment. It freels like there is simply very little demand, whales let retail accumulate and shift the price up to move it a level lower.

  8. Do you think weekend trading is discounted? That is, not as important as weekday trading data? It would be worth discussing on a future Crypto Simpsons episode because I know Erik tends to dismiss weekend charts.

    So if it goes under 20500 on a Saturday close, say, but then on Sunday it gets back up to where CME's Friday close was and continues forth from there, would you, for example, not be too focused on the Saturday trading action in your analysis for Monday's open?

  9. I got scammed a couple months ago, $2k down the drain They claimed to be you, onboard onto a website…then “number go up” but
    No real funds of course haha rip

  10. Im gonna laugh when u buy Bitcoin higher…but anyway the same people who thought it was going to 100k are the same ones thinking its going down 10k or 13k..over bullish …over bearish!!…its always somewhere in the middle..Forza Italia..Bella Paese!!

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