17 Coolest Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

17 Coolest Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

Today’s gadgets are made with respect to your privacy, your data and even your comfort. And some even broaden your ways to …


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  1. If you could limit your products to things that are available retail it would be awesome. Kickstarter and Indiegogo etc don't count, too many scams and failed products and no protections.

  2. I love these door frame exercise gadgets no 5 im a carpenter and I know how they fit door frames lol broken back comes to mond when it
    Pulls the architraves off lol

  3. Jesus loves you all and have a great day also remember to not say the Lords name in vein and to say your blessings before you eat food. Also remember to love like Jesus does and to not hate anyone no matter what.

  4. The Trene Control Alarm will not deter someone who really wants it. They will just knock that gadget off and run with your property.

  5. You could have this video promoted if I upvoted. I downvoted it because again you show people that pay strangers to permanently disfigure and mutilate them. It's so grotesque and nauseating. Also, 8 TB hard drive is NOTHING. I have a 20 TB that's almost full.

  6. WOW this world is just full of f***ing GENIUSES. A plastic bottle filled with water with a plastic ball that contains batteries floating in the water that you're going to drink. JUST GODDAMN GENIUS !

  7. Any product utilizing lasers should be scrutinized to the fullest extent. People don't realize that lasers are dangerous items and that there are many rules and regulations when it comes to how they're allowed to be used in a product. If you see a consumer product with lasers freely burning stuff in open air you're in for a scam at the very least.

  8. For anyone considering the Vaultek LifePod (3:00), there is a video on the LockPickingLawyer channel where he opens the safe with a fork. Don't waste your money.

  9. That motion alarm for protecting your laptop makes me laugh. If you are taking a break away from your workplace do you really think that the alarm feature would deter a thief from simply knocking the device to the floor, pick up the laptop and (perhaps) step on the alarm and crush it in a moment of disdain. By the time you get back with your latte after your phone notifies you of your impending bad luck your laptop will be off on an extended trip.

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