Internet Speed Test: Mobile Data Speed Test

Internet Speed Test: Mobile Data Speed Test

TechRadar US hits the streets of San Francisco to see which mobile carrier has better data speed.


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  1. On Tesco Mobile (UK) i get 0.44 down 1.45 up on first and on second 109 ms ping, 0.66 down 0.58 up. (3G cos I don't pay for 4G)
    At home on my own wifi i get 6.51 down 0.29 up and 197 ms ping and on second test 4.83 down 0.28 up

  2. This is stupid and retarded cuz I could fucken make Sprint win if I wanted Sprint on 4g never gets less than 5mbps I use have it
    Verizon always gets plus 10mbps for me where ever I'm at
    Max was 76mbps flat
    And T-Mobile licks ass always test it with my friend who has it and never once lost
    At&t is up their with Verizon but Verizon is still way better(got Verizon but not bias)

  3. on my nokia lumia 521 for t mobile im always on 4G in oakland, i have rarely dropped below 2MBS down. While on sprint im mostly on super slow 3G, LTE is really fast on Sprint, but its less consistent than Tmobile. i would rather have average 4G everywhere with Tmobile than super fast LTE in very few places with Sprint.

  4. Sprint's speeds are terrible everywhere, TMo is super solid and has a really good 3G network. AT&T's speeds are beast everywhere, as long as you're actually getting service, and Verizon is hit or miss depending on where you're at. That seems to be the best conclusion I've come to. You want consistency everywhere go with TMo, if you want the fastest speeds and there's LTE or 3G in/near your area go with AT&T. If either of the two are spotty in your area go with Verizon. Never go Sprint unless LTE

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