The Division 2 Review

The Division 2 Review

The Division 2 reviewed by James Duggan on PC. Division 2 PvE Showdown! – IGN VS Bleacher Report …


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  1. Who else heard post pandemic and immediately thought “oh wait till exactly March 2020 and we’d be hearing that word more often”😅

  2. Anyone else notice the uncanny likeness of the bad guys to Antifa? Considered this game was made before Antifa was a students wet dream!

  3. Bahahaha this game is literally dogshit they can’t even stop people from using aim bot and esp no point playing if you enjoy playing with others because this will ruin farming/pvp for you it almost made me want to stop playing video games honestly they literally rolled back half the community’s accounts because people were using exploits I would personally not waste your time or money in this game they seriously couldn’t care less

  4. So a video game about a post pandemic world that came out 6 months before an actual pandemic? Interesting! Look up operation Dark Winter. By the way this term also happens to also be used in the game. Biden and other scientists have used the term Dark Winter. Not a coincidence but all part of the plandemic.

  5. The greatest game I've ever played so dynamic and so much to do have me staring at my loadout saying just 1 more shot 2 hours later.

  6. "The freedom of tackle this tasks in any order you wish, keeps them from feeling like an obligatory grind". Absolutely disagree. I really enjoy discovering Washingtong in this game, but for every 40 minutes I spend advancing in the game, I feel like I must spend another 1h20m to grind experience points. Perfect example of an artificially extended campaign with very little content.

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