Criminals and Smartphones Don't Mix

Criminals and Smartphones Don't Mix

If you’re a criminal don’t record yourself or you’ll end up in this video. For 65% off with HelloFresh plus FREE shipping, use …


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  1. Mr Eagle has discovered the hard way that in Ohio we name places after other places but pronounce them like D+ students

    Russia? ROOSHA

    Cairo? KERRO

    Lima? Like Peru? No, like the BEANNNN

  2. It's pronounced LIE-muh. It's a horrid place (except the refinery. It's beautiful in winter, at night, during a snowfall); don't give it more attention that it deserves.

  3. It is sad that despite all the evidence for the many crimes on Jan 6th they are all getting off so light. Every single person that was there and stepped a single foot in to the capital building, even if they did nothing else, should be charged with treason and thrown in prison for the rest of their lives, at minimum. Treason is a death penalty offence, and many there should be getting that. But none should ever be allowed to walk free again.

  4. Objection! Hey legal Egal. I love your show, I am currently studying law in South Africa, and your show was what inspired me to get into the legal practice. Please could you review the "Tapdancing around the witness" Scene from the musical/movie Chicago? It's an awsome legal scene, a little fanciful, but a really cool example of a perfect cross-examination against a hostile witness.

  5. As someone who was born and raised in Alaska, how do I formally submit a petition to remove Alaska from the racist D-bag’s name? Maybe he could be Baked Alabama? He’d fit in much better there.

  6. I have a great topic I would like to hear you thoughts on or maybe the legal groundwork or lack thereof. Please correct me if I am wrong, but the founding fathers laid out a plan of checks and balances within are government by separating the powers between congress the president and the legal system. But they also made it clear that they wanted a way for the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical or oppressive government. So what would be the proper way to overthrow the U.S Government from a legal standpoint. Im not interested in politics left/right/up/down but since you mentioned that idiot livesteaming the capitol attack, is there a way to do it without death an destruction?

  7. I'm glad those guys were caught, but if that company can secretly send all their customer's private messages to the police, doesn't that mean that companies can send ANYONE'S private messages to police? This seems like a huge privacy violation.

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