19 Gadgets That Should Be BANNED

19 Gadgets That Should Be BANNED

This is a set of gadgets that might be illegal to own in your country! Did you find any of them on the list? 17 Coolest Gadgets You …


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  1. This guy carefully dances around practicing medicine without a license. ( for which he is absolutely not qualified ). No , a chirpractic certificate ( read box top ) does not allow much more than massage therapy. Note that he has problems even pronouncing medical terms properly.

  2. I'm pretty sure you mean 200 milliwatts (200mW) for that laser, and definitely not 200 megawatts (200MW). A 200 megawatt laser would set the road on fire as you drive.

  3. So they should ban knifes (the one pictured in this video) but the rest of the knives that can do just as much damage perhaps even more, they are ok. Dumb and retarded. Put a knife in an idiot's hand, doesn't' matter what type. He'll manage to hurt himself or someone else.

  4. UK so erm all of them .. before you show me. although i am on my way to play baseball in the park with friends hence the baseball bat and ball in my boot. officer..

  5. LOL, 200MW… A commercial laser that small would literally explode with that much power going through it. And lasers that are built for that kind of output would strip the top layer off pavement so fast that it would become an aerosol.

  6. We need to educate, not ban anything. This is America. Yes there are some people who will abuse things, but that doesn't mean we have to out right ban anything for the sake of a few bad apples. Just like drugs and guns. Yes there are humans that will try and ruin things for other people with no ill intentions.

  7. A 200 MegaWatt laser in a car ? Boy that's some Alternator to power it.
    Want a new road ? Just drive that vehicle anywhere and it will melt sand behind it and make a new road.

  8. Always making products to protect against criminals but never products to assist criminals in the victimization of the weak and deserving because that would be wrong

  9. Next time you feel free just check how free you really are! You're free to follow the rules made by those people who have no rules they must follow! Rules and justice is for the peasants, while the kings do as they please and if you don't like it then they will make you love it! Only due to one reason however, the cowardness that's consumed all including the pretenders! We hear about patriots everyday but now all that means is the same cowards just with the biggest mouths who pretend the most!

  10. The real hazard of those laser pointers is they can blind you very quickly. It is also a permanent injury. With those it takes just the tiniest fraction of a second so it really is not a good idea to play with those. They are best left to people who know how to use them safely because you don't get a second chance, one slip up and you are blind for the rest of your life!!!

  11. I live in the UK and we have banned everything or put it under a licence which is hard to come by. We have no freedoms, If we fight back against a criminal the likelihood is we will be the one arrested. The world has gone crazy. See, the thing is, no one told the criminals the law and they have them all. It seems it's the right thing to be a criminal. This system has to fall, the world needs to return the people. If you are found with a taser it is classed under the firearms act and you can get up to five years for possession. So here in the UK, we have to use our imagination and come up with different solutions. Even if you're attacked in your own home the law is on the side of the criminal. Everything is inverted what's good is bad and what's bad is good. We have the master weapon and that is GOD, he wins every time.
    Take care one and all. GOD Bless you and yours. M

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