10 Epic smartphone fails we'll never forget.

10 Epic smartphone fails we'll never forget.

My Top 10 most miserable Smartphone fails of all time, from the $4 phone, to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, to the iPhone Bend-gate …


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  1. If i had a nickle every time a smartphone named "the freedom phone" gathered a lot of hype and then turned out to be a scam i'd have 2 nickles, which isn't a lot but its weird that It happened twice

  2. I was SO close to buying a Blackberry Storm the year it came out. I was enthralled by the click-able screen. Thankfully, I held off and bought an early Moto Droid instead.

  3. I told them from the beginning why the hell fold there are plenty of concept that can be implement for example rollable or expandable

  4. Honestly, I think we need a new project Ara. I would buy this phone, it's more durable (you don't need to buy each time a complete new phone, just buy the component you want to change, and Google can reuse/recycle/refurbish the old component you send back to them). People can chose how much money they spent for each spec, 'update' their phones, …

  5. The problem with folding and flipping phones or new technology it is people forcing it closed or flipping it open very quickly. That puts extensive amount of stress on the hinge part of the folding or flipping phone same way if Samsung brings out a Samsung Galaxy z roll. People will be complaining the rolling mechanism is messing up you do not force it closed you let the device close itself same way with the flip phone and folding phone.

  6. I feel like Freedom 251 phone is basically just an Iphone 5c but cheaper and with Google search bar, made the fact that its home screen kind of resembles iOS home screen, especially the gallery icon. The phone itself also resembles Iphone 5c in terms of design.

  7. 2:10 Honestly, this is an awful idea. It works for watches because they don't advance anywhere nearly as fast. An expensive watch from 20 years ago could still be a great product today that you consider worth it. Smartphones though… are advancing at an extreme pace. Most people with the money to do so like to upgrade their phones every year or 2. Does it really seem like it would be a good idea to spend $20-$50k on a phone that's going to start slowing down in a few years and probably even lose update support after a bit? It doesn't to me.

  8. Nah AntennaGate was far worse then BendGate. Apple's never had to make an entire press conference to tell people "don't hold our product that way" and the bumper program? lol

  9. 0:31 – This happened to my mom after i was playing with her phone, it was a zFlip3. Pulled a thing on the game a bit too hard causing some hell on the phone's structure. And this is why folding smartphones will fail 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Yet Samsung still struggle to get a decent, reliable, and stable battery to date. I always get battery heating up the whole unit when charging and I got 4 Samsung phones for the past years. This is going to be my last one from them.

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