Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs S23+ vs S23 – Which Should You Buy?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs S23+ vs S23 - Which Should You Buy?

Which Samsung Galaxy S23 Should you buy? The S23 vs S23 Plus vs S23 Ultra – I compare the design, specs & price to find out!


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  1. After a couple of years with my s10e I finally decided to upgrade my phone and the s23+ just looks to be the best phone for me. Practically what I wished from my currently is a bigger screen, longer battery, and great cameras and I think this may have it. Also the design looks so good

  2. I am not in a hurry to get a new phone but I am weary of the phone I have so at some point this year I would like to get another phone. I am considering the iPhone 14 but I am not entirely sold on that because the iPhone UI is super annoying. Not sure if I have it in me to endure the significant differences between iOS vs Android. Going back to Samsung after 10+ years would be interesting. Anyway, the S23 Plus would be my choice unless I decide to save some money and go with one from last year's model (S22). First I'd like to hear/see S23 owner reviews after the first month or two. of using the phone.

  3. I hate that they dropped the S21 Ultra form factor. I'm not really digging the sharp edges and the boxy Note design. 😒😒 I wish they brought back the Ultra with rounded edges and flat screen. I'd really love to have the cameras with all the bells and whistles but I'm somewhat forced to pick an S23 Plus.

  4. First day with my S23, from a Note 20 Ultra. The Note was just too big, but a fantastic phone. So far, I like the little guy! Going to take some getting used to, especially without the curved glass. The display just isn't the same.

  5. Looks same as last year’s phone there is very little difference. Smartphones are getting boring there is not much to differentiate from last year’s phone 🥱🥱

  6. I have the Samsung Galaxy s21+ and looking to upgrade to the S23; however, I'm unsure if I want the plus or the ultra. I like the size and look of the plus but I wish it had the same camera options as the ultra and the camera is what is making my decision hard.

  7. Great analysis!! But the prices are way too high.
    I was here just waiting for the S23 release so I could decide which Android to buy and replace my iPhone 13 PM. Then the S23 ultra costs €1399.
    Sorry but no!

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