Suella Braverman resorts to blaming Jet Travel and Smartphones.

Suella Braverman resorts to blaming Jet Travel and Smartphones.

Suella Braverman’s incessant culture war on refugees and migrants has now extended to blaming jets and smartphones. Right, so …


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  2. If someone could turn him or herself into a digital signal?

    She listened to "leaving, on a jet plane, not sure when I'll be back again" and she suddenly gets this idea in her head that they're flying over here on a Virgin 747 on a one way ticket.

  3. Rewriting ECHR and replacing it with a Bill of Rights was a Govey policy in around 2012.Incidently Govey gives talks to the Henry Jackson Society.

  4. It IS autumn after all, it's already a far greater risk for anyone trying to cross the channel on an inflatable than in the summer, the lines of people wanting to come to the land of milk and honey will be shrinking by the day, it will be hard for them to keep the herd distracted by going on about "illegal immigrants" (when in fact they are asylum seekers and therefore can not enter a country "illegally")
    So now is the time to cast about for a 'new enemy' to keep the herd looking the other way, and what they are doing (with the help of the ministry of propaganda, formerly the British mainstream media)
    the 'so called' "illegal immigrants" scare tactic can not be used over the winter, so what they are doing is the tried and thoroughly tested method of casting out a large net, or as I prefer to call it "throwing lots of shite at the wall to see which sticks"
    We saw how effective it was when used to deal with 'the Corbyn situation' sooner or later we will get something to stick and when we do, we go in all guns blazing and bollox to the truth or facts.
    In recent days they have turned the eye of Sauron upon the disabled once again and I have heard 'benefit fraud' suddenly become a 'thing' again.
    So I am hardly surprised that she now thinks they are coming in on parachutes, that IS what she meant?..right? or that they have invented a new APP which allows them to teleport across the channel, perhaps they are going to build a human bridge like ants in order to cross the channel?….

    Catapults!! big ones with a catching net on this side? keep an eye on elastic band sales in France.

  5. She's right ,this country is being used as a dumping ground for those who think borders don't matter ,Rich,Criminals,Terrorists, Spies ,Scroungers who don't only come by boat,Airlines are obviously an illegal point .BUT YOU LEFTIES TAKE EVERY CHANCE TO ATTACK A DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT!!

  6. PSSTT! Don't tell Suella Blabbermouth ๐Ÿ‘€….but I've got a smartphone๐Ÿ‘€. Please remember this is Labour's fault as they are doing nothing about it,
    as she keeps telling Yvette Cooper. Typical Tories "Wasn't us guv' nah we didn't see nuffink"

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