Virtue Signaling? Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Submitted

Virtue Signaling? Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Submitted

USCCA: S.214 (Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act): Join my email list: …


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  1. You’re spot on. Even if all the republicans support it, and I can’t believe Rand Paul has not, it has no chance of passing…just because of the clown in the White House, even if enough Dems supported it to get it passed. Where are bills like this when they could actually get passed, and how is it that article 4 section 1, of the constitution, doesn’t make this the law of the land, already?

  2. You forgot as most Republicans do…Romney was one of YOUR presidential candidates. Now he's a sellout. Reps do eat their own just look at Presidential candidate McCain. How did these guys become a party candidate if no one in the party voted for them? Ah……… sounds…….

  3. Only way this could get fixed would be to put term limits on thier positions, cut the 180k a year salary in half, eliminate thier pension, eliminate thier wildly superior medical insurance. I laugh my ass off when I hear a politician talk about thier years of (service). Let's make it an actual service position instead of a party boat of financial gluttony that they are wildly set on keeping.

  4. We know why. Later, when it goes down in flames, they will accuse those who voted against it (see Greek Chorus) of being in the back pockets of (enter most hated gun lobby here) and wanting to kill innocent people. Rinse and repeat.

  5. Nope…. sounds like a backhanded insult to me. They're trying to leave it to the state, but every citizen should have the right to choose whether they conceal carry or not.

  6. So the atf is pretty much behind these so called laws that are coming up is washington house and pretty sure that they are coming to most democrat controlled states. all that $$$ they stole from us !Is basically going for blackmail. does this make sense?

  7. Is it true that if 'charged' with a 'crime' USCCA will NOT come to your aid,,,stand by my side,,,in effect, be there when they are needed,, I read this somwhere,,please enlighten me if I'm mistaken. Thank you for what you do,,stay safe.

  8. It's because they don't want anything to pass so they can say they are 2a supporters. They know their seats are in jeopardy next election. Rinos got to go.

  9. And if firearms manufacturers are liable for people using their products in the commission of a crime then auto manufacturers are liable for people who get dui's

  10. A lot of politicians sign on to a bill that they know has no chance of passing. It shows their support. But a lot of them will reverse their position when the vote gets close.

  11. That clown Mitt Romney is just like that worthless POS John McCain. I was very happy when God removed him from the U.S. Senate. They say that you can't criticize McCain unless you are a veteran. Well, I'm a veteran. Dying doesn't make you a good person either. If a POS dies, he is still a POS. He is just a dead POS.

  12. I would rather leave $h!t the way it is as opposed to have to kneel to and most likely end up having to barter something with the DUMMYcRATS!

  13. The second amendment states we can carry anywhere we please. No need for a permit and permission. The constitution doesn't stop anything in communist dictatorship America. It is 100% past due for the second revolution in this country. Americans aren't leading America. China is gearing up for invasion and ww3 is around the corner. Wake up! It is time! It's cute how we were patient for our rights to be given back to us… but like I've been saying all along, tyranny has only one way of removal. The second amendment, it is time for its purpose to be enacted.

  14. I'm carrying a gun the rest of my life , its in the constitution and I won't stop if they change it it's my right to carry period , it's my right to defend myself PERIOD!…I will not let pedo Marxist leftist communist asstards tell me what to do!

  15. Why aren't yall talking the failure of the atf with all the fully auto switches are on the streets of criminals and no congress is trying to get them of the streets and they are fully auto I hear them In the neighborhoods across the city

  16. Violated the 2A? How? Do you understand the 2A? I think you do not. Why don't you show folks that you do and explain it, instead of just pimping for gun-porn. And Collins of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska and Romney RINOs? No. You fail to understand, although maybe you understand perfectly well, that people like Murkowski and Collins and Romney just are Republicans. The MAGAs and the wackdoodles, including gun-nuts, and a variety of other extremists of various kinds, who cannot find a home anywhere else, have squatted in the Republican Party, and are not themselves Republicans at all.
    I buy certain aspects of gun ownership. But the rhetoric of the gun-nuts is worse than abhorrent; it's stupid and ignorant. And there are plenty of reasonable arguments to be made, but the idea that the 2A gives anyone the right to have, own, or carry a gun simply is not there. Sorry folks, it's not there. You can read for yourselves; the 2A is easy enough to find online.

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