New iPad 3: Hands-on Review – price, features, release date

New iPad 3: Hands-on Review - price, features, release date

The new iPad launch (the iPad 3 that’s not been called the iPad 3) kicked off at 10am PT/6pm GMT on Wednesday 7 March.


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  2. Apple has introduced vast advancements in the mobile device industry with the retina display, powerful processors, beautiful OS, and AT&T's 4G LTE support. I use my iPad for graphic design here in NY, and i am impressed by this tablet's wide range of capabilities.

  3. the HD cam corder is ridiculously clear and the screen is above HD i mean hs is 1920 x 1080
    this is like 2500 x 1700 (not accurate i know but close) …the screen is the main upgrade then the processor then the graphics

  4. ill be honest and say if ur going out ur way to buy the i pad 3 if u ve already got i pad 2 then there is an arguement leaning towards not getting it and sticking with it on the other hand if ur i pad 2 is insured and u can pay little bit on top to get a new one like 100 dollars more then i say its defo worth the upgrade for the price cause the resolution is very noticeably clearer like its been hand written with ink lol no jaggies what so ever …and the quad core graphics is wow !

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