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  1. You forgot Nokia’s ability to resist all damage including but not limited to: Plot Armour Damage, Retcon Damage, Emotional Damage, Cringe Damage, 💳 Damage, and 🇦🇺Damage Because Goddamn We Hit Things Very Very Hard.

  2. One of the phones look like they have AirPods on them, which is silly and one of the phones look like really really really really really small. That’s funny, right😂❤😮

  3. I have such a weird story about the galaxy zoom. My parents had the I think first model of it, and they had them until like 2017. They were old even then I think. Anyways we were on our way back from holiday and met James Arthur (the bloke who sings say you won’t let go) in Luton airport and he was so fascinated with my parents phones lol he called the futuristic and was asking so many questions. Don’t like his music, it’s not a bit of me, but he was a really lovely bloke lol

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