Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Suicide Squad Insider 01: Story & Gameplay | PS5 Games

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - Suicide Squad Insider 01: Story & Gameplay | PS5 Games Welcome to Suicide Squad Insider! In this first …


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  1. This doesn't look to be much fun. It looks like Yet Another 4-Person Co-Op Shooter. I have a dozen of those. Rocksteady revolutionized 3rd person combat and stealth. What happened?

  2. Why in the world would any of those things be kept behind a single flimsy piece of glass?!?!? At best, they would have just had replicas sitting there. While the real ones were locked down in some facility.

  3. What a waste of so much talent and money. An absolute shame. This game was clearly made by a very talented team, but this just isn't the game they should have been making.

  4. Another game i won't buy, ill download it on pc instead and mod it to take out all the woke garbage, hopefully saudi arabia and more regions force you to make a version without that woke agenda.
    Btw if anyone here knows how to buy a saudi copy of spider man 2 living in europe i would appreciate it since i won't be promoting or supporting their woke agenda by buying a saudi copy.

  5. The mobility is definitely the highlight to me so far.

    Grapple/glaring in Arkham was amazing, this looks like they got creative with ways to add momentum and that rush of using your equipment to never touch ground.

  6. Nothing so far has convinced me that Killing the Justice League won't require the player to looted (or bought) an epic coloured weapons and have a high enough gear score number.

  7. it looks like i'll get verbally assaulted for this but i think it looks fun in a sunset overdrive kind of way and the artwork is incredible

  8. Wish they had actually used the characters rather than this gimmicky idea of "hey let's have Harley Quinn use batman's gadgets and person x use person y's powers etc". Suicide squad have their own abilities and niches and you've just turned them into this dumb amorphous mish mash.

  9. Anyone else find it extremely unrealistic that the Justice League would keep the ACTUAL utility tools out for display where anyone could steal them…?

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