Why Don't More Smartphones Have This?

Why Don't More Smartphones Have This?

The ultimate anti-reflective matte display… has a catch MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com TCL 40 NXTPAPER: …


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  1. It's funny I was just thinking what happened to the phone reviews… then I saw a clip about how everyone is doing phone review so ya had to come up with a new angle great job and keep up the great work πŸ‘πŸ½

  2. honestly there are a lot of no reflection screen protectors and that has a somewhat effect of that and many ppl use protectors anyway and screen protectors don't seem applicable on it

  3. can't you get this effect from a matte screen protector? Back in the day you could get a first party screen protector from Nokia which was so matte it acted as a privacy thing, you couldn't see it from the sides.

  4. Marques, why don’t you use a polarizing filter to minimize reflections when filming screens? Does it cause things to look weird on LCD displays? Or is that not a viable solution for yall in the studio?

  5. Well, I just spent the last hour trying to find it in the USA and it's nowhere to be found. WTH??? Why would you tell us about something that's not available? I want to get it, but it doesn't come in CDMA, that's tech for US carriers.

  6. I normally hate matte screens. Colors look worse and I’d rather a small sharp reflection than a giant blurred reflection. But this looks way better than β€œjust a matte screen”. Pretty dope.

  7. There have always been two camps, glossy and anti-glare. I am team glossy. I HATE anti-glare. I don't like how washed out it looks and hate the touch feeling as well.

  8. I bet they could manufacturer a textured glass with a finer grain to matchup with higher resolutions displays and add an OLED. Would love this even as a screen protector honestly.

  9. I could see a market for this type of smartphone. There are definitely people that would choose this phone especially for $200 over something like a Pixel 7a.

  10. A tablet version sounds quite promising. I spend quite a bit of time writing on an iPad in an office with bright overhead lights. Not an issue for vertical monitors or a phone you can angle however you want, but for a tablet the reflections are hard to avoid and super annoying.

  11. Just put a Anti-glare Hydrogel screen protector on a normal phone and you get the same result. Been using Anti-glare protector on my vivo x fold for over a year and no refection at all.

  12. Why don't more phones have a headphone jack anymore? I absolutely despise Apple for making the practice of removing the headphone jack a thing.

  13. Because it loses sharpness, because it has slow refresh rate because a shiny screen looks way better. Thats why steam deck matte screen is worse than the reflection one, colors are muted and details are poor…

  14. It's just me or the video it's speed up? I've check the speed in the config and it's all 1x. but I feel the speed it's faster than normal. maybe Marques it's trying to get a video as close as he can to an eight minute video for some reason… just a feeling

  15. Having had frosted glass screen protectors on many of my phones I love the idea. But just like with those, or any frosted texture for that matter, once they accumulate scratches, it will be super noticable and those spots will turn glossy eventually. I love the idea, but I'd rather see better frosted glass protectors for more phones, although that would require phone companies to finally get rid of curved edge screens

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