Microsoft’s MacBook Killer?

This week, Marques jumps right into it with Andrew and David about the OpenAI vs Scarlett Johansson drama regarding one of …


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  1. Million Tokens content window matters for Video the most. "30-minute broadcast consumed 488,917 tokens out of Gemini 1.5 Pro's 1 million available".

    These high context windows are not only important for the output. In training you are also using the content window, with a small content window you can't teach models much with video data.

  2. a little correction about the video games in Tesla – Tesla for years added different games (usually light ones like Solitaire and Soduku, but also "heavier" ones like Cup head) and then they added steam support for their high-end tiers.
    You've seen many people play specifically cup-head in their Tesla's since it's a free game that comes with all of their vehicles

  3. About the 16Gb of RAM on the new surface pro. RAM on ARM chips is not really the same as on X86 chips like the intel ones we were used to. They can usually run higher speeds and are more efficient on ARM because it is a different chip architecture and better integration. It is just a more "phone like" chip. And in phones you can still easily survive with "not a lot of ram". Just look at apple. They also don't need 64gb of ram in an iPad to make it "Pro" because it's ARM

  4. Microsoft has caught them on the hop. My intelligence from an insider is that they were blindsided by the AI on laptops and are playing catch up – cancelling the Apple Car diversion etc. Apparently Tim Cook has been screaming at people and it is a cluster f_ck of confusion. But nobody sees inside the sausage machine, it's all sleek Apple to the outside world.

  5. If you don't use meters or millimeters, what unit would you use for wavelength (speaking of waveform)? Is it foot, miles :)?

  6. Great discussion on the Minecraft demo and AI in gaming! If you're interested in how AI can enhance NPC interactions, check out the game "Suck Up." It uses advanced AI to create smarter, more responsive NPCs, making each interaction unique and unpredictable. The game involves playing as a vampire trying to convince AI-powered residents to let you into their homes, providing a fun and immersive experience. It's a fascinating glimpse into the potential of AI in gaming!

  7. it’s hilarious that y’all are talking about Open ai using Reddit and now we seeing all the Google Ai hilarious and scary hallucinations because of that. 😂

  8. Do you guys remember that Google engineer who claimed Google had a sentient AI?
    That was in 2022. It just occurred to me that he was probably talking about what turned into Gemini.

  9. Jesus the extent of comment about the privacy nightmare Recall is was just "It's stored locally and encrypted." It's only encrypted for Pro or Enterprise Windows because they're counting using Bitlocker as "Recall encryption." When the drive is decrypted your data is in the clear (whenever you are using your PC basically). Your SQLite database where CoPilot stores its text data is accessible to anyone with access to a logged in session. For Windows Home users all of this data is accessible to anyone with access to the drive, remote or physical.

  10. The wireless keyboard for shortcuts is awesome, never thought about that for ipad pro apps (pro‘s work with shortcuts so the touch variants are sooo sllloowww, i wonder how much such a setup would speed that up)

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