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  1. Hello spider dude. I just want to say that i am a really big fan of you and i have been watching your videos for a long time and i wanted to say can you please make a video to show how to make the mark 2 spider web. Because i really want to make it. Thank you and please reply

  2. For the infinite gems you guys should build a gauntlet like the start with a strip of led that could change colours to the infinite stones this idea would be expensive to build but it would show if an enemy is under control of a gem or if a person holds a gem and to clearly show who owns what gem without stopping the action but a cheaper method would be like band led strips you could hide around a map or at a specific place and these l.e.d bands should be hidden in a box or around a flash light with a tinted colour to show where the gems are or what room it would be
    Also recommendations to kinda make it fun for people with out powers
    -shields with a bell or something that a player should hit and the shield is render useless or the player holding it die making it like a two face situation choose this to help you but die if you get spotted or leave it and your free

    -another idea this idea focuses on Spider-Man your character , as we know Spider-Man has a projectile aka his web shooter in the comics he is known to kind of weave them into balls and throw them you should have different one these balls also should have a bell or something to alert players that they've been hit by your ball and beans that they should act like they're stuck in one place for a duration of time like a minute or if a team mate taps them they're free to go but if you get there before the team mate you kill them instantly or you can tap the, enough times to kill them (but if it's like hulk or Thor or a strong person there time should be lowered to 10 sec or they need more spider balls to stop them ) these are ideas to help develop the game please further it to the community who hosts these games I would love to try them but I live in Northern Ireland (also full Filipino) thnx I'm a fan btw love your video man keep it up

  3. If you really want to see a cool iron man gauntlet lasergadgets made 2! And they are very realistic, he made a laser and a rocket

  4. IDEA!! Thor's hammer can have an airsoft gun built into it so that when he presses a button on the handle it shoots to imitate the lightning that he can summon with the hammer

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