10 Stunning Invention You Didn’t Know Existed

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  1. YOU HURT MY EARS. If you want ENGLISH speaking people to understand your message, you should ask an ENGLISH native speaker to talk. Accents are very disruptive. I am sure when you speak your native language your peers understand you just fine. Please stick to languages you have mastered and be considerate to English ears. Thank you.

  2. PLUG PHONE…. Ever heard of BOZE? They already have this, so do many chinese copy-cat companies. Sell for $10 from china…. you need something that isn't invented by others already. be original my friend.

  3. great use of your kids! use them to absorb IMPACT when you crash! Seriously??? try again. put kids in BACK like is advised in cars…

  4. Taga bike is a good product. There are 2 mobility fairs in Belgium where it should be exposed Velofollies 19-20-21 jan 2018 – Kortrijk Xpo and Januari 18th to Sunday 21st of january the Salon « #WeAreMobility »in Brussels Expo.

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