10 Cool ROBOTICS That Will Blow Your Mind

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  1. I hear GM is making a Kirobo too. It supposedly has a repair protocol to reattach it's own parts when they fall off and even alerts you when the recall notice is issued.

  2. I'm never watching another video of yours this is spam with all of these commercials I mean damn wtf are you so greedy you need this many in a short video!

  3. If those AI ,object,sound,emotion,music and face recognition algorithems etc,,, inside those robots are really soooo advanced, it will not take long to have robots to think and act like humans,

    if they can even do deep self learning in the near future, then this will be the end of it.

    Just think about how mind blowing it is to stiff the must powerful availible processor from the mid-2000 is such a small format.

    The only negative thing about this is that such technology makes people lazy!!!

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