10 Camping Gadgets put to the Test | Top 10 Best New Latest Outdoor Survival Gadgets Inventions 2018

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  1. #10 hahahahah!! Sorry but this has almost zero application in normal life and even in law enforcement and Military. it's utterly ridiculous. It looks cool if you like larping, but it's just not practical unless you're the type that likes carrying ninja swords around then hell it might be one for you.

  2. The Skinners would be perfect instead of lugging around an extra pair of shoes for working out at the gym inside the Bellagio (for employees). Perfect real world application.

  3. yea…step on a metal spike , jagged stalks of branches , sharp rock or broken bottle or metal trash some puke left all over the place no thanks Ill keep the boots

  4. the video of ecomo looks like"hi, I have a Mercedes SUV, I have enough money to spend in worthless gadgets and don't give a fuck about wasting my money"

  5. the charcoal dutch thing and the sparker is cool. the gentle tent is camping for soy boys. If you ride a Harley and use this crap you should be beaten to a pulp with a wrench alongside the road. the bug out bag is cool but by the price I can make a midget clone of bear grylls, fit in a normal bag and feed him with piss being totally sustainable.

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