Most Exciting Time in Crypto! – CryptoCurrency Market Bull Run! – Crypto News

This is the most exciting time in cryptocurrency! We’re on the cusp of a massive Bull Run and could see some serious market gains!
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  4. When many people say this is the most exciting time in crypto, others would say it also the most exciting time in crypto collectible games like cryptokitties or cryptocelebrities.

  5. BTC

  6. This is indeed the time in history when the biggest transfer of wealth is occurring. Love your vids, keep 'em coming.
    ETH: 0x65f25Cb102Ea9149EC3909B46143d3F8F5F8482d

  7. Hi Zach, I gave up mining Zoin. Two computers, 0.42 Zoins in 3 days. Rather just buy one on the exchange.
    ETH 0x7781BD9881c9038d818e0e37bfdd7fE1b5526CA4

  8. Hi Zach, Zoin Coin mining is like growing vegetables, just as easy to go buy them at the supermarket. I gave up mining Zoin.
    ETH 0x7781BD9881c9038d818e0e37bfdd7fE1b5526CA4

  9. Hey guys, I just wanted to bring a really compelling ICO to everyone's attention, and I hope this channel will cover it. It's called Viewly and I think it's an underrated gem in the content creation space, specifically video content ala youtube. It's a decentralized and ad free video platform that I think has real potential to blow up. I recently read about it, and the public pre sale of the token will be up in two days, and the public sale in 4. I really suggest people consider getting in on this while still cheap. Here is an article detailing it.

  10. started in january with trading crypto lost 60bugs but i am still in 😉
    have some nano and gvt now 😉
    eth : 0xfb4a101ff07cabb53f03235759547d639eb7f979

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