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ESPN boss John Skipper says eSports shouldn’t be considered a real sport. News By: Ashley Jenkins Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins Music By: @EvGres at Follow The Know on Twitter: http://tw…


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  1. redefine sports into 2 category – the physical and the intellectual sports. Although we can say basketball uses strategy/mental aspects but it primarily focus mainly in physical attributes, someday chess will be moved to intellectual sports in comparison to pro gamers

  2. This is not a sport, e-sports can generate a lot of money MONEY ! that's why us grands visas to these guys just a corporation who saw an opportunity to make some easy money and label it as a "sport" what a marketing scam….

  3. eSports are not sports, sports are defined as “an athletic activity requiring physical skill or prowess”, Nothing physical happenes in eSports, if you consider eSports then you must be an avid video game player sticking up for the “gamers” in the world. eSports are a fallback for the people who are too lazy to motivate themselves to get off the couch.

  4. Lmao it's as simple as this people who don't play games think it's not a sport and people who do think it is a sport but in the end it really doesn't matter because esports tournaments are more watched than any other big sporting event

  5. What is the difference between this sport and football? What tells us that the motion of throwing a football is any better than landing a combo in LOL? Just because it has been around for longer, why is tackling someone more valued than solokilling someone?

  6. If there was a prize that big on the line…I don't think it matters how much physical exertion there is you're sweating up a storm. Especially with how young most of these guys are

  7. I think esports is awesome but yeah… I dont concider it to be a sport. Does not make it any less cool but in my opinion as the president of espn said it is a competition and there is nothing wrong with that 😀

  8. everyone is so butthurt. They think that classing professional competitive video games as a sport is somehow tainting ever other sport in existance. Jesus christ. the world is changing. people are changing.

  9. Yall need to watch birdman's video on this debate. He will explain it very well and if u "athletes" playing csgo still think it's a sport than that's pretty sad

  10. I'm a huge esports fan, but I'm on the "It isn't a sport if you don't break a sweat" boat. That's also why I think that chess and shooting are not sports.

  11. Professional gaming in a traditional sense is not a sport. But in my opinion a sport is determined on both mental and physical dexterity. Only people who play games for 10 – 30 hours can tell you that your body certainly aches. So it is a sport somewhat. It's just these traditionalists taking as crack at it, that's all. We don't live in a traditionalist world anymore.

  12. No hate to anyone who like esports or esports itself, but coming from a person who plays games I don't like esports. Personally I find them very boring and all I see is a video game instead of an sport that requires a lot of athleticism. But one thing that annoys me with esports is that pro gamers who think they're better than everyone else. I know there are basketball players, football players, soccer players, etc. who think they're better than everyone else (and I find that annoying too) but, seeing people who think they're better than everyone else just because they're good at a video game is just ridiculous to me -_-

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