LG V30 Review

We got our hands on the latest smartphone from LG, the LG V30 for review. Announced at IFA, the LG V30 has a strong focus on camera performance with a 16MP and a 13MP dual-camera setup on the…


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  1. That front facing camera was a deal breaker for me. It feels amazing, great display but… That selfie cam… I'll spend the extra $50 for the 2XL

  2. If you didn't notice any slow down in use in regards to the lower amount of RAM than say the OnePlus 5 why mention it? Pixel 2 has the same right?

  3. As nice as it is, the security updates and OS updates are to sparse from LG for this to be priced up there with Apple and the other usual flagships. That's what you're paying for with an iPhone, the continued support. Shame but certainly a regretful purchase in time when you feel left behind.

  4. can any1 tell me why LG took out guess mode, sense LG G3.. i still have my G3 and love it.. All i want is LG to bring back GUESS MODE. best thing ever. BRING IT BACK PLEASE

  5. So what is so special about it? I keep seeing comments on pixel 2 xl vs iphones and like 2% of the comments say something about this phone. I mean i would buy this phone over any iphone but compared to ehat the pixel 2 xl has to offer i don't see why i would buy this phone

  6. I want this phone, but why is all new phone so huge? Do they know there are people out there who want the latest tech but don't want a huge phone? Edit. The phone itself doesn't look that big, but if they had the same phone with a 5 inch display, a lot of people including me would love it.

  7. I currently have LG V20. It was praised so much around the time I got it. Everything about it was said a top choice. Now, the camera takes about nearly 2 seconds to completely open and the shutter is about 1 to 1.5 seconds to take a picture. It doesn't seem as instant as the samsung flagships like the Note8. And I hate it because I like to take pic when I see something interesting but this camera has disabled me from doing that since a few months ago. I gave up taking pics like that at all. It needs a good amount of time to setup the environment before taking a properly shot photo. That's annoying. Also the heating issue is making the phone 3-4 SoT.

    I am a power user, I have a lot of apps and about 400 photos on it. I still have about 8 or 9 GB left (64GB version). It already laggy sometimes. It's completely stock rom with Nova Launcher.

    I like this V30, mainly because I still want the quad dac from V20 and the new screen and design of this V30 (also the wide angle camera). But I'm really hesitant to now to get this or the Note8.

    Any advice?

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