Top 21 Upcoming VR Games in 2018 // New Virtual Reality Games 2018

Here are 21 amazing upcoming VR games in 2018 for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR. The new VR games that we are looking forward to! Watch PART 2 here → Subscribe…


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About the Author: Cas and Chary VR


  1. Just started back playing with my oculus rift. Haven’t played in months. Great to see new better games out now and upcoming. Great job and Thanks for the video!

  2. Why not games like World War II like Star Trek crew simulator where you have to sit most of the time, or any simulator that you have to sit.

  3. I've been watching alot of VR videos lately. They are all top 10 lists of the same games. This list, on the other hand, had a few games I hadn't heard of before. So, good work!

  4. I had another tab open that I was looking at and heard "breast tactics"…. never have I switched back tabs so fast. You two ladies are sweet and charming and there's nothing wrong with your accents… though they cause unintentional hilarity.

  5. hey i could be wrong but i have a question about bravo
    in the video youre showing at 13:46 , you say bravo is coming for oculus rift and HTC Vive but even the trailer of bravo it says PS4 exclusive. maybe i could be wrong but i thought bravo is only for PS4? if not this would be on my htc vive list aswell ^^

  6. awesome but noticed that on bravo team you said it was for htc vive and oculus rift but in the trailer it said psvr exclusive. i don't know if im missing something or not. awesome video anyway

  7. Great video! Really happy to see you two so interested in the vast array of VR experiences coming. Also, your accents are nice to listen to lol.

    One thing – Beat Saber is also coming to PSVR, at least based on the fact that they have the PSVR logo on their website.

  8. Great video… I have no issue with your accents… I actually like them… Looking forward to Brass Tactics too.. I was bummed when it got delayed. I played AOE for ever, I hope this will be a nice rebirth. You gals are sofa king awesome.. Keep up the great work….

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