Fastest CryptoCurrency in Market? – Crypto Market News – GoChain ICO Review

This is the fastest cryptocurrency in the market? Crypto Market news and ICO review!
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  1. great video and dont like any block chain/platform project besides eos/ada/neo..hmm and maybe eth if their upgrade go well lol

  2. lol over many of these "new" blockchain platforms and they all claim to be fast so meh! but good review 🙂

  3. Thanks for the deep dive. With so many chains around the market share of each chain will decrease in future including Etherium.


  4. Sounds quite interesting. The team looks good, and they even have an Oracle expert as one of their advisors. Crypto keeps evolving!

    LTC: LdPM3iLcG8jSLJrJajx4FMLXiHSgRhEdvs

  5. Thanks Zach, I have seen every video, but never won. Thanks!! Max is awesome.

  6. Hi Zach and Friends,
    faceter FACE token on IDEX soon, Thankss for the show!
    Greetings from Holland
    LTC: LRiy53NsPRRepUNscty4js4JkwLL4Bnh3D

  7. Seems decent, but don't all the nanos and wanchains and trxs and make similar claims? thanks for the video.


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