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Take a look back at some of the best moments of May in Esports. Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: Subscribe NOW to ESPN on YouTube: Get more ESPN…


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  1. no one who is into competitive gaming watches television and no one who watches television is into competitive gaming, what's to gain here, outside of alienating your core audience?

  2. Lmao people so mad they have Esports top play of may as a video but if u dont like how people think video games are sports why would u click on the video just to say shit about gaming

  3. Some of the ill-informed out there wondering why this is on ESPN, it's so obvious when you decide to turn on your brain. It brings in money. Plain and simple. Gaming is a giant in the entertainment industry and not to capitalise on it would be completely illogical. So why don't you get with the times; It wasn't too long ago that traditional sports were also criticised for being televised.

  4. Make fun of eSports all you want but when it overtakes actual sports in a few years, you'll know you were on the wrong side.

  5. I don't think eSports are sports, but at least they don't have millions of hours of commercials like HandEgg, Baseball, etc. They are better to watch.

  6. These fools can call it sports if they want to. Just don't ever call yourself an athlete while sitting on your ass playing video games.

  7. Don't ever tell me any idea is a bad one I'm not coming at E athletes by no chance but if you told me I'd be able to make a living playing video games I'd laugh at you

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