Investing $90K in ONE Crypto! – $90,000 CryptoCurrency Investment – Neblio NEBL CryptoCurrency News

I invested $90,000 into ONE CryptoCurrency! This coin will be one of the biggest crypto we will see in 2018 I believe!

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  1. i dont get what this was, there was no TA and the only FA you do is just comparing market caps and supply's with a glance at the roadmap? I dont think you even explained what they did!!!?

  2. Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?

  3. i listen to you and bought high a lot i bought 32 coins,
    20 at 40 dollar and 22 at 60 dollar
    so you wondring how i fell right now ?? thats a lot of money that i just are losing , now its on like 30-35 dollar

    man be honest stop scum people i work for my money i dont get them free !!
    i know yo u guyst got subcribers,, you buy cheap then beg us to buy it high , then it booming high as hell , you dump the coin , we get fucked whille u get rich

    people STOP listen to those crypto PROFS !! listen to you self , they are scummer , they dump the coin after we get fucked , NEBL has no good plain or contrakts !! its 79 ranked

  4. Why do you always keep saying NEBULO when the coin is actually NEBLIO?? Nebulo is a completely different coin. Sorry but really hard to imagine you've put all your profits into the coin when you don't even know the actual name of the coin..

  5. Buying opportunity? $46.59 is a good price to get into? Wasn't so lucky, my window to get in wasn't til it hit $58.40! $1B market cap @ $80-100 by Wednesday? $5B market cap @ $400 by Feb 10th? $10B market cap @ $800 by April 1st? OK…by July 1st then…Were you in a state of "hype" since you had bought in @ $8 and $12? It's $367.5M market cap with a price tag of $28.91 (at the time of me writing this – Wednesday night now)! WTF!?! Don't get me wrong, I really do believe in this project and I too, put in $90K but the predictions are way off!!

  6. All coins are in free fall right now. Best position is to hold on any purchases at this moment. the market will find it footing soon. Way to unstable right now. . .

  7. Mercury Protocol (GMT). Backed by billionaire Mark Cuban. Social Media 2.0 price is still very cheap with low circulating supply

  8. team of 2 people – only one tech guy, white paper is a general stuff not telling what exactly this coin does and there ICO was also a failure. Why you think it would be a success?

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