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  1. No World War. Trump sent a False Flag Missile Strike on 3 warehouses given days of advance notice of the strikes. The Chemical Attacks were also False Flags and total setups. This is totally political and Trump and Putin know its all bullshit.

  2. Damn, Why in the heck would you even try to make war sound good? Kirby you are a snake in the grass. You have a criminal thought process. Whoever taught this crap and saying "guys" every 10 seconds did well.

  3. I've been thinking heavy into this for the last 24 hours. I woke up multiple times last night with this on my mind.
    From a sales perspective I can tell you the heat is on. Random people have brought up Russia talk in relation to Syria and it's insane how mixed the feelings are. Some Canadians are narrow minded and can't get out of their "Trump This, Trump That" state. Some are anti Putin, while very few are supportive of anything that anyone is doing.
    So, nay to US, nay to Russia, nay to middle east… so… WTF!
    My head is spinning Kirby!

  4. hummm.. It's a very valid contention that there will inevitably be some impact. There's the bigger picture and then the two sides. War was supposed to have engulfed us all by now to serve the globalist depopulation agenda (had Hillary not been defeated) and swift on the heals of war would have been the financial collapse, to cover the tracks of the central banks whilst we are all distracted. This is still their game plan. Most private investors and the public will panic when financial turmoil ensues, when rates rise, banks and whole states start going under, after a credit freeze and foreclosures. People will be scared that when the banks close their doors and credit cards stop working, that they will have no currency, so they will pull all their investments both stocks and crypto. The big players and those in the know who will already have reserves of silver and gold recognise this, and they will seize the opportunity to exploit the dip in crypto knowing it will be one of the safest havens from rapid fiat currency inflation.

  5. Not sure about Bitcoin…I think it is a novel theory. It clearly is a store of value now…so I like the store of value analogy.

    I came across the article by this guy who claims he has made millions in the market and in crypto and who knows the Rothchild family and claims in his opinion they are getting ready to invest big in Crypto and there are only two coins they are going into: Ethereum and Ripple. I remember you were pretty high on ETH before the regulatory stuff came up, and I think if that can be ironed out, ETH and XRP seem to be no brainers for the elite…(although I know you hate XRP). But if you were one of them, you would love XRP. See what you think:

  6. ??? This is not Just a mere coincidence that on 12th/April/2018 BTC Bulk Purchase; that lead to 12% jump in BTC price only in 30 min…….. Followed by 13th/April/2018 America Attack on Sirya(Egnight WW-3) ………… Those who still question it please put your BRAIN before it is BLOWN OUT ???!!!

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  8. I like the way u think. I am in gold and silver, but I think gold is really liked by older people , not sure if the young will buy gold. And not to sure older people WHO HAVE MONEY WILL INVEST IN BITCOIN THEMSELVES, unless there is some kind of crypto fund where mangers invest for them. If yes then your on to something.

  9. No war….war happends and many lose especially the little guy…….how about …no internet or electricity and no running water…just to mention a few…no ATM….credit cards useless….cripto is lost in the mix….NO WAR…..ESPECIALLY LOST OF LIFE……food is another story…no war.

  10. War will not have positive effect on btc but will for gold. Digital assets will take a backseat to physical assets especially wherever infrastructures are decimated.

  11. this is a good question. to be on the safe side, hedge on both. the long term trend for Gold and Bitcoin is up, so if you invest in Gold and Bitcoin (crypto) you can't lose. You lose only if you keep your fiat in a bank account where it loses out due to inflation

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