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Get a job on the blockchain? CryptoCurrency Deep Dive! Crypto ICO Review Grain ICO!
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  1. Looking into Grain more. Always nice to hear about new cryptos on the channel. Keep up the good work!
    Eth: 0xd3d82c0861c4258e09ddd8a36beba64bfe417ec3

  2. Ether is the one crypto that I don't own so getting some would round out my portfolio. Thanks for all the great information. 0xA7384109092Df26994D33f3433F0499E7f2DA5cD

  3. Amazing review .. but since I have no business and I'm almost unemployed I won't be needed this service .

  4. Nice! Grain will help alot of people and will introduce new jobs into the market.
    ETH: 0xC27baBae112536b1b577315E0F90A78424aDFE46

  5. The Grain project sounds quite interesting. I think this will streamline contracts and payments in the future and speed up the whole process significantly. Great ICO
    ETH Wallet Address: 0xB53A9F33ec5E076D69bEacA1D087360e0581C7C2

  6. Not big into this project myself. But am optimistic for a bull run… thanks for the great vids.

  7. Great ?? Video as always yes I like coin it can go somewhere. The end is near. Ethereum = 0x4d05f4b7ecb99a2e8aa60e329488fb3c291b2f0c

  8. Need to look into grain much more before investing in it. Thanks for the introduction of it, though. Eth: 0xea93671e7a197cc36f480b0525D5cEE269790131

  9. Interesting ICO, but maybe not so good for HR departments though! Blockchain is going to be everywhere sooner hopefully than later! HODL! Love your Channel and look forward to watching your videos every day!

    ETH: 0xdc6783ea0e063a25e7a0507191e068ce16047d31

  10. Looks like it has potential. It would interesting to see if they have any big corporations lined up willing to utilise Grain ( good to see Microsoft connections to the team!).

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