Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

Welcome to our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 full review! Easily the most powerful smartphone Samsung has ever launched, it comes complete with a virtually borderless 6.3-inch ‘Infinity Display’,…


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  1. First of all iphone can txt when the phone is locked and I'm pretty sure that Samsung can't do that and btw I can outsmart you when it comes to iPhone so don't even start

  2. Samsung sucks. Samsung likes to take ideas from apple and say they did it first like for examples the second camera, IPhone actually did that on the 7 plus and Samsung did that 2. And who would buy that

  3. Already ordered it in black. If I get a day out of the battery, then I will be happy. Glad Samsung increased the screen size.

  4. The sPen is NOT simply for doodling and though you covered some uses you, like most reviewers do not get what the Note is for!! I'm a mechanical design engineer who uses the Note and have for 6 years. I use it in conjunction with AutoCad and our own bespoke software to annotate and manipulate schematics and piping drawings. It's a tablet in my pocket. Architects, construction managers, consultants, contractors, lawyers like my wife who takes notes in court to be transferred to text, the graphics designers who design our presentations and brochures, advertising executives, people from other creative fields use Note devices. Open your damn minds and think about what the millions of people who buy Note devices every year use them for. To be a decent reviewer you need to have at least a basic understanding of who the customer is.

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