Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Review

Iphone 6 Review: Bigger, Sleeker, Faster, but is it better, watch to find out or read our full 11 page review at Full review here:…


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  1. I won't be upgrading to iPhone 6 this time since it's not a significant improvement from my current 5S. I actually like 5S design  much better than the new 6. 

  2. @Waheguru how about windows phone fanboys? Except for the apps, I can't see why this phone is better. Take the Lumia 930 or HTC one m8 for windows over this any day. BTW, I have the Lumia 1020 and when it comes to the camera the IPhone is a joke.

  3. Really 4.5 stars? Only for design, keyboard and battery…cmon…Iphone 6 Review: Bigger, Sleeker, Faster? Android does that at a low cost

  4. Just seen the drop test on these phones and the build quality are rubbish screens cracked and was nearly coming away from the body. I think apple purposely sell phones with less specs etc just to see how much they can get away with what a company hats off to them they pulled it off.

  5. Can't really believe the praises for these ugly phones. Seriously there are much better phones out there. LG G3. NOTE 4. HTC ONE M8. MOTO X 2014 and more.

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