Tron to $0.90?! – Tron TRX CryptoCurrency – Should You Invest in Tron Crypto?

Today we take a look at Tron TRX CryptoCurrency as go over it’s potential in crypto over the next 60 days and year!
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  1. hmz watch it , a lot of people got hurt by tron and seen bags burned last year with the same hype cycle .. 0.26 cent back to 0.03 cent .. so i will watch it from the side line , tron hasent a huge team to back up if you compear it to ADA cardano , if it aint breaking 0.12 cent stay off

  2. thank you for this cool video , i have a lot of hops about tron , and i think it will grow massively in the next 60 days and more. also keep it up !!!

  3. A lot of haters out there hating on you videos but watching them and commenting, makes no sense. Thank you guys for everything you do keep the good work up. #wan


  4. Good Job on your channel Zach!! Definitely TRON is an Alt to closely follow in the next couple of months and also a good asset for a long term investment.

  5. A lot could be gaged after Consensus I bet. TRX could really only go down .08 but up? Hmmm LfzmmuXNNiecKyaWgnuRog8snTxsoxhjki

  6. Got into tron back when it was .08 cents then had it drop all the way down to 2 cents, literally lost most of my investment I then wanted to get in more but never pulled the trigger. Super excited i have regained my investment and hoping for it too keep going


  7. my buddy bought TRX at .18 cents earlier this year, I got in a t .05, I keep telling him its going to plan out, just hodl on!

  8. I have lost big time on tron when it touched 28 cents so i am bit shaky this time tou put any money in. But i might some of it this time around.

  9. So glad I got into TRX and NCASH at .02 ? had no idea what NCASH was until your video on it back then. Thanks for the gains brother.


  10. The market cap does not drive the price of coins. Coins drive the market cap. You got it completely mixed up. "If Tron could keep it's % dominance in market cap…" this makes no sense technically. Nobody buys or sells anything based on market dominance, but this is all you seem to talk about.

  11. Tron is misunderstood by most white men. They don’t like Chinese innovation and are suspicious of Chinese business practice. I say screw them so long as Tron keeps on eating up the competition.

  12. Bought a lot of tron at .03 cents, sold at .07 , bought back at .06 , waited for months for it to go up, I’m just going to watch for now hodl for long term. Do you think it will drop when they switch to the new coin?

  13. i've strengthened my position for trx 2 weeks ago love your work can you talk about CAS? cashaa

  14. TRX…the first crypto I invested in. Big believer in Justin Sun and the TRX platform. Been riding this token since buying in at around 4.5cents. Have been tempted to sell off on numerous occasions, but sure glad I didn't…to the moon???


  15. Good Information on Tron. I have some Tron in my Portfolio hoping for a $1 price before I sell off. Maybe next year.

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