10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test

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  1. Haha… @1:03 Portland beard dude pushing military stuff. Get a job and quit pushing your lib ways on the rest of the world. Seriously though.. When is a serious military dude sporting neck beard?

  2. Just an over long muti product commercial. I wish I had not wasted my time. My hand forged 5160 camp knife with oak handle scales is ten times the knife of this trash!

  3. Let me help you out with the title for this video : KNIVES……NOTHING but KNIVES !!!
    Just throw the whole “gadgets” part out. Thanks for WASTING my time ! ! !

  4. You can find decent knifes for twenty bucks all day long, and if you loose one just get another one. I would always take a hachet over a knife in the feild. You can do so much more with a hachet. I would take a decent knife and hachet over these high priced knifes any day.

  5. Why dose everyone put a thumbnail that isn't in the video I'm not saying you video was bad the knives or nice.  but a big  let down they didn't have the one I came to see I gave a like anyway.

  6. i'm deleting this from my watch history so you don't show up in my suggested vids since this is just cut and pasted from other vids as you can tell by the minimized screen. smh.

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