Google Pixel 2 Revisited: Android P Beta!

Pixel 2 just got Android P beta – let’s look at how well it holds up! Pixel 2 Review: Google Duplex: …


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  1. I want Scarlet Johansson as a voice assistant not no damn John legend. I dislike his voice & music. I want to sleep every time he sing.

  2. As an audiophile I can never get use to the no headphone jack trend. Headphone tech is far behind phones so no Bluetooth headphone compares to a great set of wired ones.

  3. You all really care that much about a headphone jack?

    I’ve been using Bluetooth headphones and I’m never going back & my phone has a headphone jack.

    I do t get it, but hey you like what you like.

  4. The SD 835 SoC is too slow. I play Family Guy and the new Futurama game on my Pixel 2 XL and iPhone 7+ and the iPhone is far smoother than Pixel. My cities in the games are huge and loaded with stuff but no reason why a brand new Android flagship cannot handle it.

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