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  1. Preach it, brother Kirb! lol I only wish I had some spare fiat to take advantage of this! Unfortunately, I never regained my equilibrium from the past few months. Time to hunker down and brave the storm.

  2. It is a great manipulation of the price. It can be seen clearly by taking a look at the 15-minute timeframe. Every few hours from the top of the 10k there is a large sales surge coordinated in a very short space of time. Between shot and shot there is a period of time in which the public is left to do their little trades and when the price seems to stabilize the next shot comes. I understand that there is a profit taking in 10k of those who had entered the bullish trajectory from the accumulation period of 6-7k but it is curious as when the price is at 8600 these coordinated sales in burst continue to occur when it seems no longer there is no large-scale profit taking. Another curious fact, the bursts that occur tend to take the price a little below the support price activating the stop loss and producing a greater increase in sales. Thus the fall in price will be even greater. This produces in the public a sensation of panic and they end up selling at a low price. The price collapses and the mafia takes advantage to buy at the lowest possible price. And so we go to the next stage of the game that in fact will be the same as the previous one. After seeing what happened when the price reached 20k it seems that history repeats at 10k it would not surprise me in a few months to see the price of bitcoin in 1k and when most of the public is disappointed by the amount of losses suffered possibly the price of the crypto anger to the moon after the mafia has done with the contol and remain in the hands of a small group that ended up buying most of the market at a ridiculous price

  3. This channel is literally 60% Kirby talking about Kirby/selling us on his "VIP", 15% Kirby making silly voices making fun of straw-men buyers and sellers, 10% "I told you so" discussions, and 15% Kirby's (essentially) unsupported feelings about crypto.

  4. Bull 3 weeks or less 12 to 13k. Consensus and wall street being primary ignition. Or 6k bear in which case we are fucked

  5. Chart analysis is no better than reading tea leaves. This means you will be right some of the time, but no more than can be expected from random chance. Drawing lines on a graph in no way can predict the future in an inherently chaotic system like financial markets.

  6. Bitcoin needs to return to it's long timeframe trendline/growth curve. 2017 was an anomaly. I'm in crypto because of the 2017 boom. That tells med that I and a lot of others are in crypto right now because of this boom. That makes it likely that we are now in post boom territory. Ref. antropic prinsiple and doomsday argument. But the long time trendline for Bitcoin is very strong and the Lindy effect tells me that Bitcoin has got a chanse to survive. And it is antifragile so I am long time very bullish on Bitcoin and cryptos. But I think that before the end of summer Bitcoin will retrace to ca. 3000 + – 2k. Then a slow recovery untill some big ecoonomic event might boost it even faster. Hyper inflation in dollar or Euro might do the trick. 🙂

  7. Bro if got fresh money on the sideline what point would u jump n with it just to guys drinking a beer kicking it no Financial advice we ain't into that stuff!!!

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