WHAT’S HAPPENING?! – CryptoCurrency Market News – Crypto Market Crash?

WHAT’S HAPPENING?! The cryptocurrency market has seen a major sell off! Is the crypto market crashing?
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  1. im still looking good even with the market drop lol but always looking forward to a small bull run

  2. Mt Gox sold 8500 BTC and the biggest Korean exchange got raided according to the news. Good time to buy!
    LTC: M9QhVfp9kMhQohU7zWirPcTwcQprWcJPyX

  3. When there are more sellers than buyers the price goes down. When there are more buyers than sellers the price goes up. It's a market. Buy the dip.

  4. I can't believe that it is not manipulated. I have learned to laugh and buy the dip. Thanks whales!


  5. I hope you and your special lady have an amazing vacation, Zach! Also, engage in some market manipulation and manipulate some LTC into my wallet!

    LTC: LW6GEDsZGr8Gx9dKwHNq3wNv5d3aEDX4in

  6. Fitrova FRV listed in 3 Exchanges within 2 week of ICO end, 2 more excahngs coming week. It will be moon soon, Best time to buy more and hold.
    Market is little dump, it will bounce back very soon to all time high.
    LTC – Lesy39iqzj3nxmLZrsktyACVabMhZPmkgD

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