4 REAL SUPERHERO GADGETS to Upgrade with 3D Printing

These gadgets were invented before I had access to 3D printing. Lets see if 3D Printing can breath new life into my older gadgets! Personally I think the …


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  1. Should I start a brand new project or upgrade older gadget via 3D printing?
    I think it'd be cool to create a universal battery pack like you see with power tools!
    As for build style, I personally like taking a store bought gadget then upgrading it!

  2. great gear!!! Would Love to Have All! And Or Make Them …. can you make and show how to make a sonic screw driver that works…. w/upgrades to existing models. great idea with the needle gun! always saw the idea was wondering of the mechanical design and propulsion . thxs.

  3. I would say both is ok. But 3D printing is cool. I mean you can do diy videos and you can do specific inventions style with 3D printing. But I think you should start off adding 3D printing to the stun glove and make the arc jump across the knuckles.

  4. what if when u made a gadget u made a high end version(with 3d printing and stuff) and your old D.I.Y style too show us how it could be done both ways

  5. Hey G3AR-'GreekGadgetGuru'
    i'm a guy who is trying to make some masks, acidentally i found your channel today , your stuff is pretty fucking cool bro .
    in one of my masks i desined i put that technological thin in your aye whith emoticons and stuff.
    how did u got that technology, u made it? or u bought it?

  6. It's really cool how much 3d printing is changing the prototyping game. I like that you're reviewing your old designs and seeing how you could improve them. I think a new plasma whip would be cool. You could make two like Whiplash in Ironman 2

  7. Why not merge the Shock glove with the shock gauntlet? I mean it would be much more power and electricity behind your grabs/punches.

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