Following The Money In Crypto – “New” Research, Blockchain Value, Market Structures – Ep208

There is an emerging opportunity with crypto that I’m exploring + would encourage anyone to check out.

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  1. How does a company doing bussiness on the blockchain look like? Is it the same as what we have now with token transactions and addresses? Or is stuff shown in plain english? Can anyone link to a blockchain explorer that traces products or anything other than it's token transactions?

  2. Why don't you create a Telegram channel? You could then send a message to all your followers to inform that you are going live in 30min etc

  3. Carter, good thing to know is that there is a night mode at the bottom of the CoinMarketCap homepage. Switching from dark tradingview to eyescorching white coinmarketcap is not a good idea.

  4. Hi Kirk… Thanks so much for all your time and effort in providing so much interesting information. We really are lucky to have someone like yourself helping us to be more educated in this market. I would really appreciate your thoughts on a coin I have and I think a lot of people have invested in as Ive not heard you mention it (Good thing or bad I dont know). Electroneum.. is the coin I would love to hear your opinion on.. Many thanks once again for all the effort you give, not just to market information but for giving people advice on how to find the balance of happiness in their lives.. It shows that for you its not all about the money but also peoples wellbeing.
    A true genuine human being…***

  5. "go look for companies that are focused on making money" – they almost all are (duh?), the real question is will they?

  6. I'm thinking that security token platforms are the next wave/trend in crypto (POLY as you've mentioned before) so that's my main focus on research!

  7. If the freaking Futures market dictates the trends in the real crypto market, we are screwed, how the fk can nothing that isn't the real deal dictate The Real Deal, ever since december when the Futures fkers entered the shorting and dumping begun in the Real Crypto Market

  8. Stop teaching this stuff, if everybody starts trading like this the banks will know. And they will treat retail traders badly by causing fakeouts. Also you can't beat the market if the market is trading like you.

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