Over Mining the Moon – Earth Moon System Hangs in the Balance

If all the nations of the World start mining the moon, then eventually it will be completely mined out and we will all lose as it becomes lighter with less gravity to pull on the Earth and affect our ocean currents and weather patterns. It is amazing that the environmentalists have not become alarmed at all the plans to mine the moon.

Over the last billion years our moon has helped shape our planet and species have adapted to live under the current circumstances. If our moon becomes too light, it will have less gravity and pull less on our Earth, this means the ocean waves will be less and our weather patterns will become more docile. Some have said this would be a positive trend, but not so fast.

You see we need the ocean and weather currents, they bring the rain cycles and help all living species on this planet, if that is to change, everything changes and all species are at severe risk. How serious is mining the moon, in such a scenario, is it possible to take enough material from the moon that it would affect us here?

Well, not immediately, but if all the space based nations, mined the moon, then over a few hundred years it could become an issue. If we mine the moon to make space ships, orbiting artificial moons, then eventually the moon will have less weight. Currently, China, India, EU, Japan, US, Russia and UAE all have plans for the commercialization of space.

Right now we have polluted Geo-sync with space debris and much of the lower orbits. Eventually most of this will fall to Earth, but it shows us just how careless we are with things. Can we trust humans mining the moon? Perhaps some discussion needs to start and we need a set of ground rules. Think on this. Sincerely, Lance.

Source by Lance Winslow

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