How To Decouple The Crypto Market From Bitcoin?

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  1. Don't forget to send a (friendly) message / email to every single crypto exchange that you use. Bitcoin doesn't have to dominate the market, especially if we can get more crypto/crypto trading pairs started.

  2. Really like Bittylicious for fiat/crypto pairs now. They have BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and many more. Just check out the drop down menu.

    I sent them some encouragement on their social media and got immediate positive responses back.

    I mentioned that they should really get the news out there that they are cheaper than coinbase once fees are included. They said they're working on it.

    I've met several people who stick to coinbase because they only compare BTC to FIAT without including fees.

  3. The only thing that is manipulating the market is Tether. Get rid of Tether and you'll get rid of the hard core manipulations instantly. If you believe in cryptocurrency to replace fiat, you should get rid of Tether. But if you're a day trader, then i understand your frustration.

  4. Totally agreed. It's about time good projects get their independance.
    I believe coins usage (as opposed to only speculation) will mark the beginning of decoupling

  5. So I think that the whales and traders are and have always been focused on getting more Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin is the best, and most likely will always stay the best.

    Altcoins are only for short term and mid term plays to get more Bitcoin because the active traders don't want to lose Fiat value when Bitcoin goes down.
    They would rather buy Bitcoin back at a acceptable spot till it goes sideways so they don't lose Bitcoin and Fiat value.

    Also, just because TA doesn't work every time, doesn't mean that it doesn't work most of the time.

  6. This is a good question. I just think it's all about human behavior that results from emotions. There really isn't anything tying most of these currencies to bitcoin except for the person who owns them. People just needs to overcome that fear and not follow the trend that bitcoin takes.

  7. Strong valid point sir. I think it was very revealing last year when the coin market was left to thrive on its own and the powers that be were asleep at the wheel. Rather than bickering at each others coins, we should speak louder such as BUY THE DIP!

  8. I did send them a message but it went longer than I thought I would. I told coinbase that if they don't move with times and list other coins I will have no choice along with other people but to pull the trigger and go live with my Uphold account. Something along those lines.

  9. The holders of large sums of BTC (The Exchanges) will never move to different pairings. Why would they devalue their holdings in BTC? The lion share of volume use case of BTC is altcoin purchases. All of the exchanges could do this if they wanted to but they don't because the lack of incentive to do so.

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