Spider-Man 2 (2004) vs. Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018)

We compare the classic Spider-Man game to Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man game to see how far we’ve come in the video game world! Marvel’s Spider-Man …


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  1. This is wrong comparison. Main thing is that fighting and swinging in Spider man 2 was much more elaborate through upgrades of fighting moves and swinging technics than shown in this comparison. Also spidey could easily dodge in spider man 2.

  2. Spider-Man for the PlayStation one is the best one in my personal opinion. Stan Lee does the narration and you get to be EVERY SPIDERMAN!! Even the famous paper bad spidey

  3. How are you gonna compare a game that came out 14 years ago to one that has made it to a far more advanced console? 2004 SM2 was beast but of course the new one has better mechanics.

  4. Spiderman ps4 should win, spider man 2 is a 12+ year old game and technology has improved vastly. Insomniac has had 2+ years so I have huge expectations. Spiderman 2 is still my all time favorite

  5. I think people are only saying that a 14 year old PS2 game is better because nostalgia and they want to be 'different' since SM PS4 is already better in every way besides graphics lmao.

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