The World’s Fastest BlockChain! – Fastest CryptoCurrency Project – Ternio Crypto ICO Review

Could this be the world’s fastest blockchain? The fastest cryptocurrency project Ternio crypto ICO review!
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  1. Interesting project with great potential, lots of possible gains in the future.
    Litecoin: MMWAhA6BNd3oW8RGjfSzRmJ4wLfbSVMXwR

  2. Honestly, this is just one giant distraction fallacy. Using appealing words such as "blockchain", "third party", etc have no effect on the enlightened. Also, where is the proof of 1 million tx/s??? Their blockchain has likely been put under ZERO stress. It sounds just like when Bitconnect claimed they have this "market robot" which made good trades and then gave return to its users. I hope that every project does well, but the fact is that most ICO's will go under. I wish Ternio the best, but for now I am a skeptic. I am happy using LTC for transactions… maybe it is because I don't like change…

    LTC WALLET: LNksvq7QboCsmhzrPShPvUjSmA34FyUYwR

    Thank you for reading.

  3. Nah The Redbelly Blockchain is nearly here. They have a testnet atm and tested 680k tps. Higher is possible and it is scalable.

  4. Enjoy the channel and appreciate the review today. Nice to hear a new voice-quite refreshing. Thank you!


  5. I am sick of the way these ICOs take peoples money, I only touch fair launch coins now, so many people been burnt on these ICOs, the future of crypto-currencies are hybrid PoW and PoS coins like Deeponion that is resistant to 51%attacks and run on TOR, what more could you want from protecting your wealth ladies and gents.

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