Crypto News | Bitcoin Dumps, Why It’s Good! Trump Owns Bitcoin? Korean Bank $1.79Bil Crypto Holdings

We’re discovering that more banks are holding billions of dollars of cryptocurrency! Do you see this a good thing or bad? Comment Below!


IOTA Tangle Transactions Nosedive as Spammers Create Parasite Chains

Siemens, Samsung and Google Are Interested in Funding Hardware Wallet Company Ledger

Trump Invested In Bitcoin, That’s Why He’s Not Banned It Yet

Binance To Complete Tron (TRX) Token Migration In A Week

London School of Economics to Offer Online Cryptocurrency Course—bok/

ONTO Wallet is now live. from OntologyNetwork

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  1. Your levels on your mic are fine, acceptable. You can be heard clearly. Of course, there's room for improvement, but, as far as everything goes – no problem. I'd rather your focus be where it benefits you most, and not on the little stuff. Thanks again for your content & efforts!!

  2. My friend. I want to
    Thank you for your education n so much more. I enjoy your videos ! I’m wondering if I could ask opinion. I have been holding and trading back and forth since 2014 .. got caught up with mtgox hack and got scared away … I have been again holding and trading. Yet I find myself with too many alts spread across !! All gr8 projects. But if I kept out Thur n used my stop losses I’d be ok n return bak in .. but any advice ? In too deep ? Sell all and start fresh. Portfolio? Or ride it out and keep trading for more coins … ? Thx in advance. I respect how you treat your viewers ! Namaste

  3. Another good one. Thanks James for answering the question re undervalued coin, not an easy one to narrow down. I agree with you on ADA. TheKey (TKY) might be another over 5 yr timeframe. Nano is an interesting one, my understanding is IOTA (also a DAG) will have smart contract capability, albeit their market cap is already much bigger.

  4. Thanks for answering my question about Trading on Binance, going forward ill start using USDT. Also have you played around with ichimoku Clouds? I found it not very difficult to understand, i'm reading more about it now. In your TA strategy, do you also do Dollar Cost Average on some long term coin? I'm thinking of doing this for XMR.

  5. Check out Tim Draper billionaire early tech venture capitalist (Skype,twitter, viral hotmail marketing, Tesla etc) reckons that in 5 years anyone not using Bitcoin or crypto for payments will be 'laughed at'!
    Litecoin mining reward halving 2019! Bitcoin 2020! Less new Bitcoin/Litecoin means higher price!

  6. Congrats to you, James on your DGB trade. Trading environment has not been too friendly lately. Seems to mostly be erratic accumulation, rather than patterned movement. Thanks. Beautiful day.

  7. LSE offering crypto course… Old meeting the new? If they charging £10K for a course will pay for itself in no time I'm sure! /s

    If this is your competition I'm sure you'll do well long term James 😉

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