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  1. meh it was ok.. truth be told the level design made the gamplay boring to watch.. probably fun to play in vr.. but thats because everything in vr is more fun by like 40% lol

  2. Your not editing your videos like you used to. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TIGHTLY EDITED STUFF! You don't have to make more videos. We rather you put more time and effort into them.

  3. I have powers!! What im gonna do with them? the world? Travel to another universe? Or even… *proceeds to do every drug that ever existed, and then get drunk as fuck*

  4. Joshy josh josh for the past couple of minutes you were like a kid playing with yourself ya bloody weirdo. Also what I found funny is that you didn't even know what was going on! Cheers more please mate I need it

  5. your content has seemed to get worse ever sense you made an upload schedule, seems to be more raw gameplay/editing, more rude language, and less funny moments and sound effects, I'm just going to unsubscribe and never touch your videos again

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