BREAKING!! Bitcoin Legal Tender in the United States!?

BREAKING!! Bitcoin Legal Tender in the United States!?

BREAKING NEWS!! Bitcoin could become legal tender in United States borders this year!? Many US states are drafting legislation …


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  2. BITCOIN has given back some of its recent gains and whales are accumulating because they believe the price is attractive from a long term perspective. On the downside, analyst I believes $ 33k is a strong bottom for BTC. The odds of Bitcoin declining below 30k are poor, best thing to do is trade your asset rather than hold for a future you aren’t sure about. People who follow my analysis have made over 200% in profit. It’s about following instructions always. I have been talking about SP 500 in my videos for quite some time now. The market has always been volatile and it is in my own opinion that the market will remain favorable if you understand what you are up against.

  3. The USA will pave the way for Bitcoin. It has to. Many corporate companies invest here. Solid l1 projects like NEAR, AVAX, SOLANA are getting advertisements all over the USA. Yesterday, the advertisement for FTX was on the agenda.

  4. Bitcoin has many negative aspects about it as well, and the biggest news coming out will be the narrative that it's been used for child trafficking and other things like that very soon to try and crush it, the environment thing didn't work.

  5. Too bizarre that people are focussing in on currencies, exchange of value. I myself am looking at the products and services controls. Give me control of the foods and energy supplies and you all can have all the fiat, crypto and precious metals in the world. Weather events, fertilizer shortages (how about that fertilizer plant fire) what a coincidence hunh. Then the processing plant B.S….on and on. Now the energy price spikes, raw material shortages like aluminium.
    I hope everyone starts shifting attention from what money they will use and focus more on what will be available for purchase. Lets face it. The global citizenship is just a few moves away from mandated rationing. Oh that is the plan. Believe me….

  6. Yes Satoshi envisioned BTC as a Global CURRENCY 👏 A Currency not based on Debt !!! NOT Controlled or Minted by a Central Bank. Thank You for Bringing this Purpose to the Front and Center Stage !!! When People Realize they will never ever pay back Debt Based pieces of Paper issued by a Central Bank they will Flip to the Fungible Global Settlement Layer that is BTC… it will be messy…Developing Country by Developing Country and in our Country State by State 😁

  7. I am a newbie in crypto. Fortunately, He has made my entrance extremely easy and efficient. No matter how simple or complex my questions were, Henderson was ever-present, patient and willing to share his knowledge. I wish I had taken this route to hedge my inventory years ago. Thanks John Conley

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